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Month: August 2015

[:en]Catsitting in Berlin[:]

[:en]After having a really fruitful evening of fire shows in Erfurt on Friday, we decided not to set up our tent in a nice, moist weather, but to go straight to Berlin. Light hearted, as thanks to this great night we were able to pay our most important debt, we arrived at my Mum’s place after 3am. Until Friday we are going to babysit this fluffy creature.

We decided not to work in Berlin. Too crowded, too tired of so many artists. Instead we spend our days drinking tea with honey (me), Radler (Nick) and watching House MD. Sporadically, Nick has to fight moths and wasps which try to conquer the apartment.

Also, Nick is quite upset, because his Dad called him and said that his beloved dog, Malta, is most probably going to be put to sleep. She had a long and happy life and hey, all dogs go to heaven, right? We tried to find her photo on the Internet, but we couldn’t :(

The only trip we made this week was to Poland, just for an hour or two to pay our debt. We encountered a really interesting issue in a public toilet.

We’re having some nice, relaxing and a bit boring time. We needed it ^^



[:en]Okay, okay. Time to write something here. I’ve noticed that the more you put it off, the more you will have to put in later so bah. Here goes.

Munich, eh? Was fun, we were hosted by Eric the Viking’s sister who is also a really cool person. She’s vegan but with realy good common sense. I mean, it was really nice to discuss with her and not being struck with blind conviction. She was argumentative but understanding. :) Anyway, we visited her in Munich in her nice, rustic house. It looked totally out of the picture. On both sides there were all those neat, sterile households and among them this one stood out. :) By the way, the next morning I was going to the bakery for rolls I encountered this:

I must say, before your morning coffee it was not surprising at all. At the first glance. But hey! It’s a Spiderbear! :)

After that we went to Dresden for one day and after that we visited Poland – we didn’t want to travel over a thousand kilometres in one shot so we divided the trip. Still, Poland was only for three days – it is cheaper to travel through half Europe and fix the car in Poland than anywhere else – German and Swiss mechanics are good but expensive, French and Spanish ones – quite the opposite. We fixed the car, paid some of our debts and whoooooosh! Back on the road!

Since we have to be in Berlin in few days we decided to stay in Dresden for a couple of days at our newly met friend’s place. Klemens is a cool guy with whom we spend some crazy time in Dresden.

The European heatwave also reached here so at first we did everything we could to cool ourselves down in the city.

It also is unfortunate that Dresden, such a cool city has no lakes in the vicinity. One day we decided to have a trip to find one and we ended up driving in circles among small ponds most of which were circled by a fence. Meh. But we ecountered a funny sign (for all those Polish readers).

All in all, despite this little fun accent, we came back really angry, tired and overheated. We gave up the search of the lake in Dresden and went the next day to Cospudener See, Leipzig instead. And it was a very good decision! And in the meantime we bought ourselves a hammock (actually on the way to Leipzig) which was even a better decision!

So, yeah, our time passed by in Dresden and we had a lot of fun. We worked with Fire in the city, we chilled by the lake and we had fun with Klemens. :)

Now we’re slowly packing and going to Erfurt to work there on Friday and tomorrow we drive to Berlin to spend a whole week there but this is a different story for later…

To close the post – here’s the coolest job offer we have spotted in our favourite food joint in Dresden – Kochbox (knowledge of German or Google translate required :P ):

So. Bis bald!


[:en]Zürich, Konstanz[:]

[:en]On Monday we arrived in Zürich and stayed at our friend’s place. Of course we did some food shopping in Konstanz, because it’s way too expensive in Switzerland and we didn’t have any franks at the time. Tuesday and Wednesday were really lazy for us… Well, for me – Nick did some training. I was in a completely immobile state, my life revolved around a nice blanket, lasagne, hot chocolate and Nutella. Thank gods I had my comfort socks xD


On Thursday we decided to do some soap bubbles to warm up. It was nice, sunny, children weren’t particularly annoying. The only annoyance was a guy who thought that he can play a harmonica and earn his living like this, but well… he couldn’t. Fortunately, on the way home we met people who definitely could play and they were doing it amazingly!!! Apparently the guy’s project is called Drumachine and he plays in different countries on the street with different people. Here is a sample of what they can do.

As a treat we decided to buy ourselves some pies, preferably the cream-filled ones, om nom nom. And guess what! There was this lady in a shop with nice, orange stickers saying “50% off” and she was putting them on items which expired this day. One look at our pies- yay! They expire today! So we waited. And waited. We followed the lady through the entire shop. Salad. Fish. Waited. Still… hungry… waited. And… she finished her shift before she reached the pies. There was no other lady with stickers. We left :(

We also went to see our good friend Rene and his ballerina cat ^^ We had a nice chat and tea, hope to see him again soon!

And later on… *drum rolls* … We finally got ourselves together and went to try doing some illegal fire shows. Our friend Tony showed as some good places to perform, so with a map on our smartphone and hope in our hearts we bravely left to conquer the city. And you know what…? It worked! We managed to do a show, we even met other artists on the way. Yay, Zürich!

Next days we planned to spend at Eric the Viking’s place in Konstanz. We found him on CouchSurfing – cool guy with a ginger beard and a peculiar sense of humour. We also met his cool vegan sister who dropped by for the weekend. These guys are really nice and open-minded. XD


We spend some really nice time together, they accompanied us when we went to work in the evening, we went to the vegan reastaurant “Sol” with tasty food, sweet vegan ice cream and wasps which made Niki run in circles as she is paranoid-phobic about flying insects. Well, insects. Okay, anything that has more than four legs. ^^

On Sunday we went to Zurich again and we had really nice evening. Unfortunately Niki felt sick for the whole day (tummy) but apart from that it was really cool. We made two shows there and after the first one we were offered a bowl of soup by the cafe’s chef. Om nom nom. :3

On the way we met other buskers, one from Poland as us, and we had quite some laughs about funny signs we spotted on the way.


Today we leave to Munich. We need to visit Poland to fix the car and deal with the paperwork. After that we hit the road again! :)

Nick & Niki[:]

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