[:en]After having a really fruitful evening of fire shows in Erfurt on Friday, we decided not to set up our tent in a nice, moist weather, but to go straight to Berlin. Light hearted, as thanks to this great night we were able to pay our most important debt, we arrived at my Mum’s place after 3am. Until Friday we are going to babysit this fluffy creature.

We decided not to work in Berlin. Too crowded, too tired of so many artists. Instead we spend our days drinking tea with honey (me), Radler (Nick) and watching House MD. Sporadically, Nick has to fight moths and wasps which try to conquer the apartment.

Also, Nick is quite upset, because his Dad called him and said that his beloved dog, Malta, is most probably going to be put to sleep. She had a long and happy life and hey, all dogs go to heaven, right? We tried to find her photo on the Internet, but we couldn’t :(

The only trip we made this week was to Poland, just for an hour or two to pay our debt. We encountered a really interesting issue in a public toilet.

We’re having some nice, relaxing and a bit boring time. We needed it ^^