Finally. Finally. FINALLY! :) Ladies and gentlemen, after over a year we finally bought a motorcycle! For gentlemen – It’s Suzuki GSX750F ‘94. For ladies – well, ladies, it’s a motorcycle. XD

We traveled around and then we finally got our money to fund a bike. ;) Now we left our Red Arrow VW in Poland and we left off with a motorcycle. Half of our winter plan is done.

Except the bike we didn’t have much of adventures, just trying to survive. We visited my friend, Thomas, in Paderborn and we turned back East as the weather played a nasty trick on us. The thing is that in Poland after registering a vehicle you get a temporary paper valid only for one month. Then after 2 – 4 weeks you can get the official one which is printed in Warsaw. So we had to survive. We decided to visit Manu and Hennie (their pic will be here as soon as I will retrieve it from Manuel XD ), our good friends at whose wedding we made a Fireshow last year. In November, brrrrrrr.

We headed to Leipzig and tried to perform there both with bubbles and Fire. With no luck, unfortunately, people in Leipzig turned out to be not the most appreciative people in Germany… Yesterday we tried Dresded as it’s not that far, 100 km, but whereas in Leipzig people were the issue, in Dresden – huge competition. Apart from us there were two other Fire teams and with the temperatures descending the amount of places we can work at drops rapidly.

(Sorry for the blur, we hope to be able to take better photos soon!)

Fortunately we can collect the registration paper now so we’re heading to Poland for one last stop and then… Our big plan will be set in motion! What it is?

Tenerife again. BUT! This year we go there by Eeve, our new bike. Almost 5000 km! Can’t wait!

Well, I hope everything will go smoothly. :) See ya all!