[:en]It felt so nice to cool down and chill out after these 8 weeks on the road. Plenty of tourists and nice weather brought some very decent earnings upon us. We found a lot of of time to be goofing off… ^^

Also, we were very impatiently waiting for the new episode of Star Wars. Gadgets and commercials were everywhere. We weren’t complaining though and tried not to add to this insanity.

In the meantime I got a visit from Saint Nicholas on the 6th of December! In Poland we have this custom that in the evening before 6th of December you have to clean your shoes and put them next to the door. If you have been nice then the Saint Nicholas brings you sweet treats. ^^

Eventually we went to see Star Wars VII two days after the premiere. Our tickets were way cheaper than regular ones, because we chose a movie in an original version. Almost all of the Spanish folks watched it with Spanish dubbing and they had to pay approximately twice as much more for that. :P Before going to the cinema (the movie was in the evening) we decided to do some soap bubbles in La Laguna. It was really entertaining and we even got a cup of hot chocolate from one guy!

And the time has come! Taam tam ta ta ta taaaam tam, tatata taaam tam tatata tammm!

We both enjoyed the movie, maybe because we didn’t expect too much of it. It was good to see old Harrison Ford. XD We just didn’t like the character of Kylo Ren. I think we weren’t the only ones disappointed when he removed his mask.

All in all, it was a really good day.

The rest of December we spent among a lot of guests. CouchSurfers from all over the world were coming almost every day. All the visits were positive except one from a very horrible Hungarian guy, who ended up insulting and threatening us. Meh, it’s all in the past now, we’re gonna be more careful in the future. ^^

Other guests were cool, like this couple from Czech Republic, who played bridge with us. : D We took them in completely last minute and we ended up having a great time.

There was a time during their stay when we had 3 Surfers- a German Lego designer from Netherlands has also spent here one night. ;D

At the end of December we had a visit from 6 years old CouchSurfer and her Mum. ^^ They are both great girls, full of life and hungry for adventures! The photos below were made by Vama’s Mum. She is a skilled photographer!

We also had a visit from our friend Tony, who stayed with us for Christmas. He is also passionate about motorcycles, so he rented one and we went for some nice trips together.

One day we rode to one of not too many natural white sand beaches on Tenerife.

The weather didn’t encourage to sunbathing, but oh well…

This photo makes me look like there is something sharp sticking out of my head… Oh, wait, it’s an umbrella. ;)

Meanwhile, Nick managed to die and come back to life…

And lose our bike’s license plate. Fortunately he found it but it took him more than an hour walking along the road with Tony only to find out that it has already been found… by road cleaners who passed them at least twice during that time. XD

There was also this story about a diabolic four-eyed kitty in the Anaga subtropical forest. Scary stuff.

And as always in good Hollywood movies, a good angel kitty appeared there too. ^^

As we were so good and nice for the whole year, we even found some presents under our imaginary Christmas tree! : D I guess after this gift I’m not going to see Nick too much…

We came across this really great restaurant that allows us to perform at 9pm. The musician who plays there has a break at this time and he even introduces us to people! ^^ It’s so nice and helps a lot, especially with people’s attention. Sometimes they truly make us feel like VIP.

After doing two shows for the New Years Eve, we went home, took a bottle of wine that was home made by our landlord and went by the ocean. We couldn’t imagine a better way of spending it. Sound of the ocean, random fireworks and smell of gunpowder… Hello 2016. ^^