[:en]Starting our post today we would like to apologise for a gap in our posting – due to unpredicted circumstances we were unable to get ourselves together and do anything more than surviving. However, first things first, it was time of surprises. Pleasant and unpleasant equally.

For quite some time Niki mentioned that she would love to pay her Mum a visit on her birthday which was on 22nd March. Bored beyond imagination, we decided it was a good excuse to leave warm and safe Tenerife to travel around Europe again, especially that we have a new goal this year, but we’ll elaborate on that later on.

Anyway, we decided it was high time we went. So, the tickets were booked, just three days after Niki’s Mum departure and we just had to be really careful not to spill the beans before our arrival in Berlin to shout “Surprise!”.

Our last day we spent on saying goodbyes, walking around the village giving away things we couldn’t take with us and cleaning the apartment. It all went smoothly and with a small tear in our eyes we left on Monday morning in the direction of the airport. Fortunately, our landlord didn’t want to hear any excuses and offered us a ride. This shortened our walk from 30 minutes to the bus stop to 30 seconds to the car.

Of course, the weather was spectacular, the sunrise over Teide mountain couldn’t look any more marvellous and it felt so ironic we couldn’t climb it with so unbelievable weather just a few days after our misfortune. After a short drive and exchanging farewells it was time to fly. All check in went amazingly smoothly (this time we were flying with Norwegian, not Ryanair and gods bless that), we seated ourselves fairly comfortably in the plane and WHOOOOOOSH! Goodbye, Canary Islands! It was a pleasure, but it’s time for The Gadabouts to travel again!

5 hours flight was boring as Hell, but with the help of books and electronic devices it was manageable and a Wi Fi connection was a nice gimmick. :)


A flight with Norwegian was much more comfortable than with Ryanair especially that the seats had two positions you could sit in. It’s not much but after blue-yellow airline even sitting on a nail bed seemed like luxury.

Anyway, finally we landed in Berlin and, what a surprise, it was grey, cloudy and… cold! After getting off the plane we wanted to immediately check flights back.


The tricky part was that we still had to get to Poznań, 300 km from the airport. We booked Blablacar (as always, amazing platform allowing you to save tons of money!) but we had to wait a couple of hours before the ride. Well, there ws only one solution to this…


Finally we got our ride and after another three hours in the car we got to Poznań. Niki’s Dad was very kind to pick us up and give a lift home. We were exhausted, hungry and we needed rest. Fortunately, we could do all these things and the next day take our car for a spin. Yes, the car. As a method of expense reduction we decided to use a car this year, instead of a motorcycle! Surprised? Well, the true surprises are yet to come!


The first day started good and nothing could prepare us for the events which were to take place later on. We exchanged honeys with Niki’s Dad – he gave us local one from around Poznań, we have him the Canarian one. :) We met with Niki’s sister and grandparents (well, Niki forgot the key to the flat, so we had to go to her grandparents for the spare one instead of driving all the way back to ours). The bad luck caught up with us there – on the way out of Niki’s grandparents she greeted one woman, but she didn’t seem to recognise her. Unfortunately, as it got obvious after and hour or two, she did recognise Niki… Not only that – she also told her Mum that she saw us. Our surprise was blown, Niki was on the verge of crying and come on, what were the chances of that happening…?! After all the planning, hiding, fibbing… It would be great. :( Niki was really upset and nothing could cheer her up that day.

Driving in Poznań appeared to be a true annoyance. Everybody seems to be in hurry, people don’t respect rules and put themselves and other in danger. Not to mention all the rebuilds, signs and road-works…


All right, my turn to type (Niki). On Wednesday Nick met up with his Dad and I went to see Lori (my kitty) and my sister again. Sis got really badly ill, so I tried to take care of her and when Nick came back, he cooked her a delicious soup. Later on we went to play tennis with my Dad, but for that we also had to visit Decathlon, as I needed shoes. I hate shopping. Blah.


But even in Decathlon we managed to have some laughs.


The game was cool, but we still need a lot of practise. I hope we’ll manage to play tennis more often on the road this year.


And now we’re getting to the reason of our blog-writing delay. On Wednesday night, after cleaning part of the house (we decided to have The Great Clean Up; throwing away all the stuff we don’t need or want), at 4am in the morning, I woke up and I felt that something was wrong. After a few seconds an enormous pain struck me, on the right side, just below the ribs. It was very familiar… Yes, the renal colic again, but in the other kidney. We rushed to the hospital, Nick broke probably all the rules while taking me there. I got hooked up to an IV again and that’s it… after 2 hours I was on my way home, with prescription for painkillers.


It’s ridiculous. I should have USG and blood test done AT LEAST. Instead they just gave me painkillers, no examination, nothing. So of course, when I woke up around 10am the pain came back. Nick rushed to a pharmacy and got my meds. They helped for about an hour or more; I was in pain again. After another pill and another hour we decided that it’s pointless, we need something stronger for the pain, so we managed to get Tramal, and finally I could fall asleep. I felt sick all this time, I couldn’t eat or keep anything in my stomach. It was the most horrible day of my life.

In the meantime Nick was preparing a birthday gift for my Mum in his workshop. I gave the idea, he was executing it. He worked the entire time I was recovering, so about two days. I think the result is great!


Two days have passed, I only ate apples and rolls. We went for the scheduled appointment with a doctor and he was also shocked and disappointed at Polish emergency room. He examined my kidneys and told me that I have sand in the left one and the right one is swollen, but the worst is behind me. We were also very lucky, because he is in Poland only once a month and normally he lives in Berlin and has a practice near Dresden. He gave us his card and told us to call him whenever we need medical help. He was also the first doctor who said we don’t need a regular insurance, that it’s pointless. XD (we’re not talking about the travelling one that we’re gonna get).

As you can see, there was simply no time for us to update the blog. We also didn’t see friends whom we were supposed to meet. I was in moderate pain for another few days and then… Nick got sick. At the beginning it was only a cold, so on Saturday we checked on my ill sister, had dinner at my grandparents and went to see my best friend Aneta for her birthday treat, so we were home late at night.

On Sunday we played tennis again and then we visited my sister and her fiancée to do some gaming. It was an awesome game about diseases, epidemics and cures. We can’t wait to play more!


This is the game that you only can play once on the given level (theoretically). You have stickers and you have to write in your character’s card. It’s also the game for a team where everyone has different abilities and you have to learn to work together and invent strategies.


On Monday Nick got worse. Despite the large amount of ginger tea with honey and lemon, he started to be feverish and he coughed a lot. We went to my sister’s yet again – to bake cupcakes for my Mum. I was thinking about a small surprise, such as coming on Monday at midnight (my Mum’s birthday was on Tuesday), but with Nick being ill like this we wouldn’t manage. He helped me as much as he could, but it was obvious he needs to be in bed.


When we came home, he went to sleep at 8pm with high fever and a nasty cough. He was completely out, so I had to finish cleaning the house and pack us for the journey alone. I prepared an onion syrup for Nick, put headphones on and slowly, as I still wasn’t perfectly healthy, got to work. I finished everything at 1am.

On Tuesday we arrived in Berlin, shouting “surprise!” and pretending it to be spontaneous. ;D My Mum really liked the present and her and Martin greeted us with dinner. Nick went straight to bed, so he missed it, but he could finally be ill in peace.


We spent last days mostly regaining strength, reading and coloring.


We both love being here, in this flat full of laughter and music.


Nick is back on his feet and so am I. But what to do next when it’s so cold outside…?[:]