[:en]Finally! After 29 days on the continent, 21 of which we were in Poland, we set our sail, packed the car and left to start new season. This year, however, is different as we have a very clear aim – India. We have to focus and save up enough to fly there and enjoy Asia for at least three months. The first destination – Dresden. Our weekend city – Zurich. :)

The Wanderlust was really bad recently. The days in Poland, talking to people, this all brought us down bit by bit. Every time we visit our motherland from the we-can-do-it attitude we come more to the am-I-really-able-to-do-it? We even lose our motivation to do workouts and meet friends. Not to mention our health for past few weeks: Niki’s renal colic, my flu, Niki’s cold, blah blah. Oh and the most recent – I had my wisdom tooth extracted. Well, this was quite bad. Fortunately, now we’re on the road again! It was damn hard to get up for Niki…


We tried to pack as minimal as usual. Fortunately, we are used to that as we travelled with a motorcycle a lot. Still, the sleeping bags, our clothes and the most important – our toys take quite a considerable amount of space. This added to the plan of taking passengers through Blablacar forced us to play Tetris again in our vehicle.

We eventually overcame laziness as the call of adventure was strong enough. :) We have a new companion which Niki insisted on taking with us, a giraffe with a cute name Rozalka. Rozalka is also a co-driver. ^^


The first day in Dresden was so nice and spring-like. People were smiling, we were walking in short sleeves and the world looked so cheerful. The energy also got to us so we decided to immediately take care of things we wanted to do for the whole next week – buy a new battery for our music system, prepare new Fire fans and buy Niki new shoes. Her regular ones are winter boots and they aren’t necessarily good for walking on the sunshine (o o oooh) nor for performing. It took us much less time than we expected so I was more than eager to make a Fire show in Neustadt. That day I performed solo as Niki was quite exhausted after the travel and we still had to make Fire fans for her. Still, it was worth it!

The next day we’ve spent focused on making new Fire fans for Niki so she could join me and we could go back to our regular crazy performances we created on Tenerife. I’ve spent few hours playing with the wire.


Unfortunately, in the late afternoon it started to rain and we started to think if the shows will be possible. Even though the skies cleared, there was a significant drop in the temperature so when we got to the place we wanted to perform at… Well, there was nobody to perform for. It didn’t kill our spirits, though, it’s simply impossible during travel! :)

On Thursday we knew it would be colder so we took out our survival kit – soap bubbles. Of course, it turned out I forgot to take bubble wands with us so I had to buy some shitty quality bamboo at the florist to compensate. And then it started to rain again. And it kept raining for two hours. We certainly got un-used to rain on Canaries so with grim moods we were waiting for the downpour to pass and, fortunately, it eventually did. We also prepared a new sign to travel with this year, the India sign. The word in Sanskrit says “Hello” in Hindi. :)


And so, we went to the city centre, took out the equipment and started working. Hooray! Bubbles time!


Today we drive to Zurich in our spring pursuit of warm and sunny weather. I wonder what the Miss Fortune will bring to us there. So far the weather forecast changed from warm and sunny to cold and rainy. We start thinking seriously about going to the South of France, to Montpellier, again and waiting there for proper spring/summer weather. We shall see what the weekend brings to us. :) As for now… Brrrrrrr. Cold!


And here are some nice graffiti we encountered next to the place we have slept as well as a cool tag.