What I learned from life is to never expect anything for free. What counts is hard work and hard work only. When you live by this rule surprises are really surprising. This week the unexpected came true and you will meet our new travel companion. But first things first.

And so, we arrived to Poland. We got a nice welcome gift on the way – we’ve seen a stork, symbolic for our country. We’ve never seen one so close!


Anyhoo, things had to be done, some of them more important, some of them less. Definitely a big step to our plan of going to India was getting new passports. This involved taking new photos which look like we are serious murder convicts, having fun with bureaucracy and, of course, paying fees. 20160516_143108The process wasn’t entirely fun, but still it was much better than an encounter of the most unhappy young woman I’ve seen in ages. Poor thing worked in a passport/ID photo studio and looked like she
hated her job more than anything else. We really sympathize with her as it was obvious the girl was at least after some photography studies and she had to work in a place where she was taking tons of the same photos of different people. No room for improvement, no room for improvisation. Just point ‘n’ click, print the picture, take money, NEXT. Wow. She didn’t smile once during our visit there.

Anyway, we have to wait several weeks before we will have brand new and shiny travel documents, but the first step was done!

Also we visited a dentist, Niki fortunately has nice strong teeth but me, oh well. Not so much fun. After that – we needed new glasses. Well, Niki needed, but for me it will be much easier to drive with proper vision, especially after sunset. Here we had some laughs trying different frames and trying not to look like an idiot. I say we failed miserably. ;)

However, the biggest surprise, yet not totally unexpected was… Drum rolls….. Gaia! Who or what is she? It’s our new MOTORCYCLE! Yay!


We knew about her waiting for us for a month already but we learned that some surprises are better left with no expectations. About four weeks earlier my father called us (when we were in Konstanz) and said he has something for us. Step by step we realised he wanted to buy us a motorcycle. I was speechless, the bike was to be the exact same model like the one that was stolen from us two years ago.


We paid for it but when it was so brutally taken from us we decided such big investment, to buy a new ride, has to wait until we get back from India. Then my dad called and said he wanted to make up for years of no Christmas gifts, no birthday presents, etc. and well… Here she is. All the paperwork is almost done and we have still to pay… 120EUR. Unbelievable, but true.


What we need to have on Gaia, though, are proper cases that will have enough capacity to hold all our stuff, Fire and acrobatics toys included. These are the same ones we had with our previous BMW – Izma, but we need to order a new rack to attach them to the bike. Unfortunately, the manufacturer said he can start making them only after the weekend so our stay in Poland appeared to become longer than we expected.


We came up with the idea of going to Dresden again for the weekend to earn some money and to take Gaia for a 1000 km spin – Poznań – Berlin – Dresden – Poznań. We left on Thursday and visited Niki’s mum.


After some goofing off, on Friday, we drove to Dresden. People were swarming all over the city so we could work for the whole evening but we were so exhausted we made just two shows and retired to our friend, Clemi. XD


Our bad luck, unfortunately, likes to play dirty – on Saturday Niki started to feel sick and by the time we had to go and perform she had a proper, full and nasty flu-ish cold. We ended up with making one performance on Neustadt and went back home. Stupid luck.


Sunday wasn’t any better, Niki felt even worse so with the quick decision we packed up and left to Poland so she can lay down and get better. The trip wasn’t as nice as we initially planned but we made it and now we’re back in Poland getting ready for new week with new adventures. Let’s hope Niki will get better soon!