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Remember what I’ve said about seeing what Miss Fortune had for us? Well, apparently she didn’t want us to get bored. On one hand we had some unexpected adventures, on the other – we made new friends. We left back to Germany to continue earning money for our Big Dream. India. We really need to focus on that, especially that we drifted away a bit.

India is there!

India is there!

For last weeks I’ve been doing research on new speaker system for our Fire Shows. Unfortunately, the market of portable amplifying units is very limited as the demand is rather low – not too many people need good and powerful sound quality without electricity source nearby. What’s more, not only we needed something rather powerful, but also small in size, a quality rather not possible in speakers category… and not only. XD

After really long time of research, Internet digging and visiting music shops we have found something that would probably be a good choice. We were even more lucky as the shop selling speakers was on our way to Dresden. The shop owner turned out to be quite enthusiastic about this uncommon branch of music industry. After some testing, talking and discussing, we picked a new sound system. Yay!

This is certainly something big as I was always a big follower of self-made, DIY speakers. They were always proper in size, fit to the topcase and relatively powerful. Unfortunately, the downside was that if I wanted to create a decent sound quality, get equaliser and long battery life… Well, let’s just say things were getting complicated and heavier. I don’t want to get technical here, nobody will understand it anyway. And we want you to enjoy the read about our travels, not fall asleep. ^^ Let’s just say we have a new speaker which succeeds to deliver a quite good sound quality, is light-weight enough and small. Plus it takes much less time for us to prepare for a street show – this makes hit-and-run performances in illegal places, like Tenerife, a breeze.

Niki, of course, was bored of this all technical gibberish so she took the camera to shoot some birds.

We left Poland in high spirits and decided to hit our usual transit city – Dresden. Our new speaker deserved a test run so we went to the Oldtown only to see that other Fire street artist was already there and she’s not the friendliest person in the world when it comes to pitch sharing. We are travellers and she lives there so, in short, we said “whatever” and left to Neustadt. The first show was good with sound but not-so-well with money. The terrace we tried several times already turned to be as usual – mediocre. With a bit grim moods we went to our favourite place in Neustadt. There, unfortunately, we experienced really unpleasant surprise – our new speaker started to switch off, ruining our performance. Such a shame! Fortunately, the next day we tested it and it turned out the little monster was just hungry for power. We simply had to charge it properly and the battery lasted for much, much longer.

What’s done is done, we decided to move onward to the city of Erfurt to try our luck there for the weekend. Time to fuel up Gaia and drive!

On the way which was supposed to last 3 hours, 190 km, Miss Fortune let us know she still hadn’t forgotten about us. Magically we lost our… mattress. And a shoe. They slipped out on the way and we wasted 2 hours looking for them. The shoe we managed to retrieve, however the mattress… Oh well. We had to sleep in the hostel that night and for the next ones we searched for a host through Couch Surfing. Unfortunately, our loss meant we have to buy a new one and the best quality for the best price comes… Yup. In Poland. Not only that – the weather was about to be ruined after the weekend anyway. In whole Germany. Wherever we looked at the weather forecast – Cologne/West, Dresden/East, Konstanz/South or Hamburg and Copenhagen/North it was about to rain for the next four or five days. Except Poznań. So, we decided to kill two birds with one stone – wait for the sun and get a new mattress. Poland is like a black hole this year – we can’t get out of it.

Anyway, we also got lucky – on CS a girl responded to our request – Yvonne. She’s a lovely being, open and chatty, trying to make everyone comfortable. She was kind enough to offer us her place to stay for two nights in Erfurt and more – we got ourselves her homemade waffles! YUM! :) It was so nice to feel welcome in her little apartment, work for two evenings with Fire Shows with welcoming people and have our own groupies as she and her friends decided to tag along and cheer on us all the time. :)

But even during those two really nice and motivating evenings we had to experience misfortune – it’s time for football! EURO 2016. A dread and nightmare for any street performer. People in football mode all day long. And it will last until July 10th. Damn. And the first evening in Erfurt guess who played? Yeah. Germany. We had to wait until the match was over. Fortunately there is a slight difference in the crowd quality in Poland and in Germany. Whereas in Poland after the match people get drunk and noisy, in Germany it is still possible to wait and work afterwards. It depends on the city, of course, and a district. So in the end we managed not only to make some money, it was decent money alright! We also met some crazy people on the way. A nice musician tagged along, speaking only German, singing in English and obviously not understanding what was he singing about. ^^

Thanks to Yvonne we also had an opportunity to simply relax and enjoy our time at slower pace. We took our time and chilled in bed, watched cartoons and planned what to do next.

Also, we treated ourselves a bit with good coffee and German sweets. Sitting in the sun and watching people pass by… Time stops in such moments and the only thing you feel is the peace of mind.

After some discussions and brainstorming we came to the conclusion – let’s wait through the bad weather in a place we will be comfortable and not affected by the weather. Bah. Poland again.

On the way to Berlin we saw something hilarious. Everything is a matter of perspective, I guess. :)

Even though we travel recently like a boomerang it’s not boring at all. Riding our motorcycle, Gaia, gives us so much pleasure that even the rain is bearable. It’s a bit problematic with earnings and our Big Dream coming true but I am damn sure we will manage to reach it, no doubt!

Also, in Berlin, we had a little anniversary, Gaia turned her 100k km. ;)

Niki likes to go through Berlin when we are on our way as she is really close to Her Mum and the cat so we decided to divide  our drive into two parts to drop by and say hello.

P6120259 P6120260

While we were in Poland nothing special really happened. As usual, except one thing – we decided to give it a shot and work with our street shows in Poznań. After overcoming our doubts against Polish audiences we tried it on Saturday night (especially that on Friday evening Euro 2016 interrupted our plans again – Poland was playing against Germany, so symbolic, wow…) and we were extremely pleasantly surprised – our first show turned out to be really, really awesome! People were just great, the reception warmer than we could possibly imagine.

P6180266 P6180268

And after that… Well. We left. Yet again we try to conquer the world. We can’t go back now, especially that on Friday we have to be in Cologne to make a Fire Show at a Polish Motorcycle Convention in Germany. ;) So, pack up and VrooooM! See ya!

But here’s last thing – a riddle. Where this photo was taken and what do you think it depicts? And no, it’s not Jesus. :D Leave the answer below!



  1. Virtual tourist

    21st June 2016 at 1:05 AM

    In the Valley of Kings, of course. But why the hell Aragorn has been put into a giant vase?

    • Congratulations! You’ve just won yourself two weeks in our company! Just give us your address and we’ll be there. ;D

      We thought that maybe Aragorn has played Super Mario too much and now he’s reenacting it. ^^

      Anyway, anyone has other crazy ideas? :)

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