We left Poland on Thursday. We wanted to leave earlier, on Tuesday or Wednesday, but we’ve decided to wait until the weather clears out. Don’t get me wrong, we love rain, however being flushed by cold water while riding a motorcycle is not the nicest thing in the world. However, despite the-beginning-of-the-week sucky weather these days were finally very fruitful and altogether satisfying. We had lots of fun, even more chilling out in the sun and last, but not least, hard work.

Anyway, our goal was Konstanz. On the way we made a decision to divide our trip into two parts. We already knew that we could take 1000km at one gulp, but we weren’t in hurry. We were really looking forward to some sun and lake time that the weekend seemed to offer. We had our stop very close to Czech’s border, on a promising looking field just on the edge of a forest. There was so many flying bugs though that nothing would pull me out of the tent for longer than a minute.


We were wondering whether the farmer, the owner of the field, would mind if he found us there. Ah well, the place was quiet, peaceful and (as we noticed at night) full of fireflies! These little buggers can give you a heart attack, especially if there are two of them next to each other, making you think that you can see wolf’s eyes…


In the morning the farmer appeared at the place around 10 in the morning, looked at us, smiled and started working on the field. We smiled back, packed our lovely Gaia and continued our trip to Konstanz. We chose a really relaxing road, where the end of it was a ferry ride. :)



15 minutes of waves, wind and muffins. A great end of the day!



And Nick’s stupid face, as always. <3


We arrived in Konstanz a bit later than we planned. After about an hour of rest at our favourite camping site we prepared for Fire Shows and left to the city center. No football, finally! Hope poured out of our hearts! We were tired and managed to do only two shows, but it wasn’t too bad. However… we were really looking forward to Saturday’s shows. It was always the best day there.

On Saturday we got woken up by a really hot and sunny air. We’ve had nice breakfast outside (even me!) and counted our mosquito bites. As a sweet blooded girl I got more of course (yay me?). First steps after a nice meal lead us by the lake, with our hammock and books.



Nick went for a swim, jumping up and down like a little dolphin. :)



We would probably stay there longer, but our stomachs protested loudly and so we decided to go to our favourite Chinese place. On the way there we spotted a club and people playing around with catamarans. I got so excited that Nick took my hand and we both walked to the club, asking how much is the license or a course or anything we would need to get me on the sailboat. A really nice guy told us that there is a course for catamaran (they just show you what and where etc.) can last two or four days and it doesn’t actually cost that much. Later on we will be able to hire one for 40 euro per hour (or even less if we’re cool people). We’ve decided we have to do it, this year or next, as this is one of my dreams – to sail on a catamaran! And on Bodensee? How awesome would that be! ^^


So, the evening came inevitably and we got ready to work our second evening. We were ready for action and we knew that Konstanz tends to be a really rewarding city but… well. Nothing prepared us for that. A whole evening of awesome shows with great audiences, unbelievably generous income and appreciation. Wow. It was simply amazing, we couldn’t stop smiling all the time. ;) It was the best evening we probably had on the street this year. And I must say, hush, the best income per day ever. At least so far.

Sunday passed lazily and without much of a change in weather what we really appreciated. Swimming in the lake, sunbathing, a bit of training and books. Books all the time. We haven’t switched on our laptop for whole¬†these three days and the Internet was also some distant memory… All in all, our Sunday was as every Sunday should be – so lazy there’s nothing to talk about. We made one show in the evening too, but there were¬†EURO finals and most of the people were gone. Oh well, nothing really happened, we were in such good and lazy moods that it was impossible to spoil them.


Lastly, we finally achieved 20% of our financial plan for India. Or should we say – winter savings. Things started to go better at last…

And today we leave Konstanz in the direction of Niki’s sister’s hens party.

Anyway, as a humouristic touch to our story – here’s a photo how Niki guards our bike when specifically asked to do so.


Until next time!