We spent last week working our butts off. It was both fruitful and unpleasant at times, especially when we encountered other artists (but we’re gonna have a separate post about it). It was also a week of Niki’s birthday and a sailing trip on Bodensee! Eventually we ended up in Bern in Switzerland, but let’s start from the beginning…¬†

A few weekends in Konstanz and we can start planning India for real. Relaxed, well rested and happy we are ready to take on new adventures and a new continent! We were also helping our friend Pat with his video project and hopefully you’ll get to see the results soon.

On Friday we celebrated my birthday. It started with baking a red velvet cake at night.



Cake is the best thing to have for breakfast, no matter if it’s someone’s birthday or not. Raspberries excellently completed the sweet flavour of mascarpone-Philadelphia-cream frosting.


This day my birthday happened to be a working day, but far for me to complain about it, especially that a guy from Italian cafe gave me ice-cream as a gift. :) And Nick? He got me an awesome thing- a travelogue! It has maps that you can scratch off, marking the places you’ve been to, also a diary, checklists, itinerary, etc. Now I’m ready for India!

On Saturday we were invited by a friend to go sailing with him. There was nothing that would make me happier at this point – sailing on Bodensee! I couldn’t stop smiling even though there was almost no wind.

On Monday it was a high time to go. We spent in Konstanz almost two weeks and we felt like it’s a bit too long. While we were wondering where to go, we got an invitation from a girl from Bern, so we’ve decided to take it as a sign. Of course, we chose the coldest day for a ride and here we are! Bern sure is a weird city. Just look at that…



And oh! We’ve realised that Albert Einstein has spent a few years here, in one of the houses. It was creepy to see so many figurines of him…


Besides these things, the Old City of Bern is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site since 1983. Buildings seem to be in a pretty good condition, but we’re not sure if the city has a charm so typical for older places. Maybe we just need to spend here a bit more time?





For dinner today Nick prepared original Swiss fondue. We are normally against food porn, but this we just consider a cultural experience, so there we go! :)



And that’s how it was. Now it is high time for us to wrap our Europe trip up and head to Poland. We need some rest from traveling and couple of lazy days before a flight to India. So our plan is to spend one last weekend in Konstanz, the next in Erfurt and last one in Berlin. In three weeks we will go back to Poland to organize ourselves before the Greatest¬†Trip Of Our Lives (first edition) – leave Gaia to our mechanic, vaccinate Niki (Nick too, he just doesn’t know it yet), get our passports and flying tickets, etc… But that’s another story for later posts.