Boring. Booooooring. We came back to Poland for a few weeks to get bored. Really. Our season this year was crazy – thousands of kilometres, new motorcycle, friends, visiting Porto a couple of times, EURO 2016, Niki’s sister’s wedding and so much more. Honestly, if we had to sit on the motorcycle again to do more than 100 km I swear I would scream. But we have some final thoughts and adventures for this season.

First of all, Pat, our friend who also has a vlog (Check it out!) spent quite some time on his little project which included also us. While we were in Konstanz, he went with us to see our Fire Show. After seeing it he approached us and said “I’ve got an idea” with this wild sparkle in his eye so typical for all artists.

And so, the idea happened. Pat created The Video. For the whole week we were working, shooting videos and he was sitting in his room making Magic. Finally, after some time he created his masterpiece. And you know what? I must say, this is the best promotion video we have ever had! See it for yourselves:

It was so much fun! Thanks, Pat!

Anyway, we did our plan. Mostly, at least. We collected enough money to get to India. So we decided it was high time to finish our season. We agreed to do some cat-sitting in Berlin again so we moved there and after lazy weekend we went to Poznań.

In the meantime we went on a date. Not ordinary date, however. We grabbed a box of donuts, a cuppa coffee and we went to Berlin Main Station to watch trains come and go. Perfect date. ;)

After we came back to Poland it was high time to not only rest and gather some strength, but also to finally set the winter travel machine in motion. And so, we bought tickets, organized visas and got vaccinated.


Also, we were invited to make a Fire Show for an horse archery competition. We were happy to do it as we decided it would be the last Fire Show for us this season. A closure, some may say.


The show itself was… Nice. I mean, the audience was a bit reserved and not very responsive but we were told they were riding and shooting from 6 AM so we could understand lack of energy. Still, it was good and nice so everybody was happy. :)


It also made us realize how much progress we did during the last year. We introduced new figures, new lines, new show structure, new music and new costumes. Basically, we went from this:


To this:


Now we try to relax and get some of our friends who live in Poznan to go out with us somewhere but we forgot one tiny detail – people have jobs and schedules and they are not so much into spontaneous meetups. So we spend our time relaxing with puzzles, cooking and generally goofing off. Which is a good thing to do for a few days before we fly. Because our flight is on 18th October! Yay!



Now let’s act accordingly – since we don’t do anything now, our next post will appear in two weeks time, approximately. After that we will maintain the regular weekly schedule.

Hasta la proxima!


P.S. Do you have any extraordinary places for a date? Feel free to share ideas. ;)