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Bangkok again and proper holidays

We travelled intensely. It was amazing to experience Asia but we realised we suck at conventional holidays. Drinks with umbrellas, beaches and sun are definitely not for us. However, we managed to have proper vacations anyways, thanks to Lena, our Couchsurfing host. Also, despite stopping for a few days, we managed to have some interesting adventures!

Proper holidays

And so, we stayed at Lena’s place. She was so generous that she basically kept us for the entire week in her flat where we realised what proper holidays look like. I mean, for us. We don’t need fancy drinks and bungalows. We don’t need a beach and palm trees. Heck, we don’t even need restaurants and fancy food. All we need is to… Well. Be home. Wherever it is. We need kitchen and a bed. Friendly people. And to just stay in one place where we can cook, bake, watch some films and talk with good friends. That’s all.


For the whole week we did almost nothing in travel department. We sat an watched series. Gilmore Girls, Ally McBeal, Friends and more. Nick cooked almost every day, preparing all kinds of dishes. European spaghetti. Thai curry. Pancakes. He was over the moon with joy as he cooked almost nothing for the last six weeks. Niki gladly helped him, but also took her part in food preparation. Her famous, state-of-the-art brownie disappeared almost instantly as well as soft cookies, our new favourite recipe for making hosts friendly. ;)




We’ve also spent as much time as possible with Lena, who is more addicted to her work than she would like to admit. We played cards, talked, exchanged experiences about nasty Couch Surfers as well as the nice ones, ate together and met other people. She is an amazingly hospitable person and you can easily see she loves having people around. So there were people around at all times. One night there were 9 of us altogether and we had an amazing time!


Lena lives with two really competitive and cuddly creatures – Lucky and Sugar. These dogs made our stay quite entertaining, jumping on our heads when we slept on the floor or giving as a wet morning kiss. ;)



During our stay we’ve met Rui from Portugal, Emily and Dietrich from Belgium, Laurence (English guy living in Italy), Sarah and Bob from England, Alejandro from Columbia and Jacob, Lena and Chris from Germany. All of them had hearts on their sleeve and we are so happy we’ve met them! It was amazing to talk about different cultures and make connections for our future travel.



Life at short pace

In the meantime, we found a German cafe in the middle of Thailand and went for a short trip to Bangkok city centre – we forgot to take our towels from the hostel. ;) We went together with Sarah and Bob and we hanged out a bit, walked and ate some delicious food on the way. We had to take the bus boat again and we loved it, again. It was much more comfortable this time as we had no heavy luggage with us and we managed to sit on a bench.



Again, we visited Khao San Road, we experienced ridiculously translated signs and saw amazing temples. Niki ate some weird food and got a flower on her head but we managed to cut it down with a chainsaw. ;)

Until the last moment we postponed writing postcards what we sincerely regretted but this time we sat down to it. They will arrive in Poland way after we will leave it. :) But what’s done is done, we just had to visit post office.


Oh, I forgot to mention that Lena also owns a motorcycle! She calls her Baby and she is a lovely Honda CBR 250. We had few chances to drive her and even Niki took her for a spin. This made shopping much easier as we were not dependent and every time Lena was coming back from work, there was fresh dinner waiting for her on the table. ;)


On our last day Nick decided to take out soap bubbles again. There were some children running around so we could make them happy as much as those in Europe. Oh boy, I can tell you, people react to soap bubbles everywhere exactly the same.




The End of Asia Adventure

Finally, the day has come. We had decided quite some time ago to come to Europe for winter season and now we had to bear the consequences. With a bit heavy hearts we left to the airport – Lena gave us the last lift to the main road and this was so extremely nice of her! She got up specially for us at 7AM so we could save up some money on the trip.



We rode on the back of her pick up with a bit sweaty eyes, knowing that this incredible adventure came to an end. Fortunately, we know that life has unlimited amount of crazy adventures waiting for us and this made our departure a tad easier. So we said our goodbyes with Lena, hugged her tight and we left to the airport.


The flight was over 12 hours until layover so we were prepared for the worst. On board we were happy to see that even the economic class of Norwegian Airlines plane was quite comfortable and had enough leg space even for Nick. We were lucky, though, that it was a day flight – the seats definitely weren’t comfortable enough to sleep on them. Flying with the new Dreamliner class was a good experience, though, we watched four movies altogether, we had some not so tasty dinner/lunch and microscopic sandwich. Still, all in all, it wasn’t that bad so we are happy to fly with Norwegian again. Moreover, Niki was unlucky enough to sit next to a fat, grumpy guy, who couldn’t even fit in his own chair, thus poking Niki with his elbows all the time. No “I’m sorry”, nothing, just this attitude of “I’m too good to even look at you”. The guy drunk 7 beers and 2 big shots of whiskey. Yup, even if we wouldn’t have looked, we could smell it.







And here we are. It’s cold. It’s Berlin. But we are happy to see how events will unfold. Next weeks we are going to spend going from city to city with our precious Red Arrow and making Fire Shows to get on the plane to travel again. Where? Only the airlines discounts know. :) Until next time!



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  1. OMG,guys!I thank you so much for the kind words!
    It is touching to read it and knowing that you enjoyed it as much as I did!
    Yes,I am attached to my work but I love what I do…so I am okay with it – that is the most important thing!
    Big hugs from New Zealand!

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