So many things have happened during these months. Still, we prefer to keep our blog as a travel one and we have spent the winter in one place, hence the delay. Now we are only a few days away from leaving home and travelling again so we have to update the information. We can easily say that we had several episodes during winter, namely Training, Car Selling, The Move, The Show and… a Surprise. To be perfectly honest, actually nothing much has happened except those, as winter usually is the time to rest, train and prepare for the new season for us. So, happy reading!


When we finally settled in Poland for the upcoming winter we had to think how to maintain our physical strength as well as developing better skills for a new show. Training outside was out of the question. We got the idea to rent training space near us but we had little money and working at least twice a week for couple of hours could seriously harm our budget. Fortunately, Nick had some “connections” – he used to barter a training space nearby several years ago and so we thought it would be a cool idea to try again – we rent the space and in exchange we give our skills in the Show. We met with the supervisor who agreed with that and so we ensured ourselves a proper place to work and prepare a new show! Yay!

All our winter was filled with trainings and we had set our minds to new goals. Niki decided to fight for splits and Nick devoted himself to handstands. We trained a bit with aerial silk but unfortunately we had to be more specified here. This cloth takes a lot of space in our luggage and we treated it more of a hobby than work-wise.

Therefore, we ditched the silk and focused ourselves on partner acrobatics – we wanted to prepare a choreography so we won’t be dependent on weather and darkness. After whole winter we managed to create one and now we are ready to show it to the world. Let’s hope the world is ready for it to be shown. ;)


Car Selling

Our Red Arrow, heroine of so many years, crazy travels and the shelter for bad weather was acting out lately. We had to replace the clutch, which appeared to be almost as expensive as the car itself, oil and hot air ventilator during one winter only. It started to generate too many costs and then we had realized that the date of public liability insurance payment was due. It was too much for us. Moreover, we also decided to sell the car anyway as by the end of the year we want to buy a bigger one, VW Transporter, to have a place to sleep in anywhere we want.

So, with a heavy heart, we put an offer in the Internet and patiently waited. The car needed to be sold for any price and soon we got a buyer. We got some last pictures of the car and off she went. Sniff.

Good bye, Red Arrow.


The Move

Let’s be honest – when we stay in one place during the winter nothing really happens. I mean, the ordinary life kicked in driving us crazy. Every day looked the same – get up, do some training, watch series, eat, play games and go to sleep. It became so monotonous that we were going crazy in Poland. Additionally, our funds were drastically low. However, before our departure Nick’s dad came to us and said he wants us to find a flat in Germany for him. He said he needed the paper he lives in Germany for gods-know-what reasons. At first we were reluctant – we wanted to do all this after the season, in September/October but after some convincing we folded and agreed to cooperate. Well, it wasn’t that hard as we wanted to move to Germany anyway. :)

It took us some time and digging to find a flat we really wanted. Finally, we’ve found the One. Small, cozy and located in the middle of nowhere, it was a perfect match and we immediately fell in love with it. To be perfectly honest, it was the only one we went to Germany to look at.

After some crazy financial events we were able to pay the deposit, the rent and from the day 1st of May we officially started living in Germany! Hooray! Now it was time to pack the things and go!

We borrowed a car from our good friend, packed our belongings and we took our things to our new home. We made a thousand kilometres in one day but hey, now we have a new home! Take a look:

The Show

In the end of the wintertime the time to pay our debt has come. We had training space for a few nice months as we mentioned in the beginning. Mr Jacek, the Big Boss of da Place has come up with an amazing idea. We were to make a Fire Show. Indoors. At noon. And you know what? It worked marvelously! We were quite rusty, though, as we devoted all our efforts to our acrobatic routine. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and we were very glad we could pay back for the kindness and generosity we received.


And last, but definitely not least, is our little surprise – we got engaged! It all happened on the road, of course, and Niki accepted the proposal without hesitation. We plan to get married next year, most probably. We realized that since both of us are happy with each other, why not to take it to the next level? So, Niki happily wears a ring that instead of having a diamond in it (stupid custom) shows world directions (not-so-stupid idea), :)


And so, here we are. Ready to start new adventures, ready to travel again. Well, to be honest, we’ve already started, but it’s hard to motivate yourself to post all the winter in one post. However, after enourmous effort on Nick’s site, we managed to close the winter chapter and start something new. Stay tuned!