Today’s post will be short. We are at the shore of the new adventure, ready to jump in and before that we need a chapter closure so we can happily start a new undertaking. Therefore, here we are – sushi, old friends, new friends and toys not only for boys. Moreover, some recent events made us realize we need to improve… our transportation methods. Now we are ready. Italy!

Happy reading!

Preparations and relaxations

We left home again eagerly. Our decision was fast – we work during the weekend in Konstanz and then we hit the South – Milano, Lucca, Venice… And so we packed Wolfie, set the trip on carpooling and vroom! We were away. The trip was as usual through Germany – never-ending story with sun, traffic jams and weird passengers. One misfortune hit is on the way – our V-ribbed belt gave up. Partially. Just a strand ripped but the sound was horrible and gave us quite a scare. Fortunately, we were able to continue the trip and soon enough we arrived to one of our favourite cities in Germany.

The days passed quite lazily. Finally, I must say, as we had so may things to do recently that it drove us crazy, not to mention alarming stress levels. Still, when you are in a good place, you can wind down, spend the day by the lake, eat watermelons for the whole day and generally get what you deserve – a well earned rest.

We enjoy our time in a van, where we always can sleep, we always have a table and we don’t have to sweat over finding a place to sleep. It gives us shelter and a sense of safety. Don’t get me wrong, we love motorcycles. We will ride Gaia again. We just got… Well. Lazy. :)


Toys and investments

One disadvantage of having a van is looking for a place to park. We had to think of something that would get us to the city centre quite easily and wouldn’t take too much space. Bikes are definitely the fastest, however taking them with us in a car would be quite a pain, as well as we would have yet another thing that can easily be stolen. Therefore, we made a decision of getting a longboard for Nick and a scooter for Niki (not the motor one). We ordered Nick’s new mean of transportation online, a cheap one, just to see if he likes it. Now we know- he loves it!


Niki’s scooter raised more problems, as first of all – she wasn’t sure if she wants it, and secondly – we couldn’t find anything good enough and with a reasonable price. We still had a couple of days to wait for the longboard, so we focused on doing the shows. That’s when Miss Fortune blinked to us! We’ve met this Polish dude, Melchior, who talked to us after the show. As the conversation flowed, we told him about our plans and then he said that he has a scooter, just lying in the corner gathering dust. All in all, we got it as a gift and we couldn’t be more grateful. Now we both have wheels to move around, yay! We repaid him by inviting him over to Wolfie for a snack of watermelon.

From new stuff, Niki also got a new seatbelt pad, so her shoulder won’t hurt anymore! ^^

Last but not least, we were also able to finally change wick in our equipment. It looks like straight from Hell when we perform.

Old friends, new friends

During our stay in Konstanz, we hang out with Pat the Birthday Boy. It’s so weird to meet him and one day fool around, end the evening smashed against card boxes and the other, talk about Seneca, philosophy and business. Anyway, since today it’s his birthday we present you two pieces of evidence how his birthday beer went.

Happy Birthday!

On our way we also met Nick’s primary school friend, Marta, with her partner – Dawid and their kid. We have spent a really nice evening in their company, preceded by a good meal in a Japanese restaurant. It was a good day and we would definitely show you the outcome but they failed to send us the pictures. :P Maybe next time.



Today in the morning we packed, put the money into the bank, met with Pat for a b-day cake, wrote this post and now we’re off to Italy! Adventure time! Signing off. Beep. Beep.