For the past month we were circulating in the area of Konstanz and Dresden, working hard and searching for audience. We made two trips to Poland, but just to pick up our new travel companion. He’s definitely going to make our travelling much more comfortable! Now we are ready to start a new chapter of our adventures.

Dresden on Fire

After the motorcycle convention’s excitement, we said our goodbyes and drove to Thräna to get some peace. Every time we come back to our flat, it feels more and more like home. Even Nick takes care of it and cleans it up from time to time… in his own way.

We fooled around with bubbles in Leipzig and slowly directed our steps to Dresden. Niki was over the moon about the fact that our friend Clemens, with whom we stayed for a couple of days, had a little kitten over for the weekend. In fact she was so happy that it was hard to convince her to go to work, as she wanted to be home all the time to play with Louise. They were inseparable, even while taking a nap (yes, there’s Niki AND the cat in the photo).

During the work time, we hang out with a fellow fire artist Georg. It’s very rare these days to meet someone who is not only technically skilled, but can also move to the music. Here’s a sample of what he can do, recorded with our not-so-great-quality camera.

Sometimes we manage to leave the house in the hot daytime and oh, what joy we find on the streets!

Wolfgang van Gadabus

Suddenly it appeared to us that we actually already do have money to make a big change in our travelling style. Yes, ladies and gentleman, we’ve decided to buy a van! Our tired butts were getting more and more uncomfortable on the motorcycle seats, as well as our minds were getting bored of European roads (especially German ones) that we crossed myriads of times. Moreover, having a car will help us to save up more money and time. We will be able to take passengers on carpooling, which will decrease gas expenses; looking for a place to sleep will also be a thing of a past.

All in all, after giving it a lot of thought, we’ve decided to go for it. We drove to Poland to look at some VW T4s that people were selling. First two we’ve seen were so much worse than the ad described that we’ve stopped being sure if we really have enough money to buy a decent vehicle. The third one however… we knew it was The One the second we saw it. It was really nicely restored, taken care of and clean. Apparently, the guy was in the process of preparing it for himself, but some life incidents forced him to sell it. When we were signing the contract, the seller had tears in his eyes. We all know how that feels, but we promised we’ll take care of it and we’ll send him a postcard from Portugal. And that’s how we have spent ALL our money.

So there he is… we can proudly present to you Wolfgang van Gadabus, Wolfie for friends.

We’re slowly planting a little garden there. As for now we have basil and mint (mint was added after the photo). Nick is very content.

The trial trip

Our first destinations were Konstanz and Winterthur. In the first city we met up with our awesome camera-expert friend Pat, in the other one we wanted to hang out with Anna. Unfortunately she wasn’t there when we arrived, but she made our hearts melt with a simple note.

Performing in Konstanz was not as fruitful as we hoped; it seems that people gather here mostly at the end of August and September. But you know what gathers there in July? Storms and rain. Yup, thanks to them we’ve lost the entire Friday evening (and some others too, but we were really looking forward to Firday…). However, on Saturday the rain started exactly when we have finished performing, thus giving us an opportunity to earn decent money. We didn’t avoid getting soaked though; some people needed help with their car, so we took part in pushing it to the car park. In the middle of this task the rain significantly strengthened, so we ended up quickly changing clothes in the back of the van.

Despite rainy evenings and nights, the weather was quite okay. We spent our days by the lake, eating watermelons and reading books.

Sunday was also very good for us – we’ve hit our earning record while doing bubbles in Zurich and we met up with our friend Tony whom we haven’t seen in 1,5 years. The few hours we had to talk was not enough to say everything we wanted to, so hopefully we’ll catch up with him this year again.

Back in the neighbourhood

Since we had to pop in to Poland once more to collect a permanent registration card for the car, we stayed in the area of Leipzig for a few days. We were happy to see a guy playing drums on the street – it was the same artist we saw three years ago performing in Zurich. He’s a really awesome musician!

Right now we’re preparing to go to Italy, Niki has never been there before. Who knows, maybe performing there will be worth it? Nothing like a present to find out!