Our health was back to normal, our finances – stable and the weather deteriorated, so it was the high time to leave. We agreed on giving Italy a second chance, but this time we skipped Milan. We went straight to Genoa and that was the best decision we could ever make! That was one amazing week of incredible meeting and coincidences. Go ahead and read!

Stepping out of the comfort zone

It wasn’t easy to leave the house this time. The weather and poor health brought us down a lot. A promise of sun and better earnings were not too strong, but we knew we couldn’t stay home.

We packed and hit the road – that seemed to be enough for adventures to start happening. For instance, we ran out of gas on a highway at 9.00 pm. We were lucky enough to make it to a parking spot, where we asked around if anyone has some spare fuel. They didn’t. We quickly abandoned the idea of Nick riding a scooter on an emergency lane to a gas station that was 3km away. Only one solution was left – we had to push Wolfie there. For the first two hundred meters we almost spat our lungs out, but then the terrain has changed – instead of going up the hill, we were going down. It ended up in us driving over 80km/h with the engine turned off. We made it right in front of the distributor with a style!

We spend a couple of days in cold Zurich with our dear friend Tony. There was no point in working, wind didn’t give us a chance. We rested.

Thawing in Genoa

Italy welcomed us nicer than the last time. We realised  that it has one very important amenity for travellers, which was a shower for free at every gas station on a highway! Clean, rested and still a bit unsure, we made it to Genoa.

Saturday bubbles went pretty good. Children were happy, people paid, everyone had a great time, including us. We couldn’t believe any more that we had such a hard time leaving Germany. The sun and exploring a new place gave us a lot of positive energy!

Since we were in Italy, we had to have something Italian for lunch. We never go to tourists restaurants, we always get off the main route and look for some local places. This time we were lucky to enjoy rigatoni with home made pesto (Niki) and rigatoni with cream and nuts (Nick).

In the evening, since Niki had a headache and there were not too many people around anyway, we had a walk around Genoa. It was really easy to get lost in a variety of small passages, so hand by hand, heart by heart, we let ourselves to be lost together.

Architecture in Genoa is to be admired. Not only it has a street of palaces, but also beautiful cathedrals and tenements.

Polish folk also left their mark in this charming city.

The next day was very surprising. We ran into our friend Mihai, whom we met this August in Konstanz. He is a real bubble whisperer and he also came to Genoa to work a bit. Our meeting was loud, followed by cuddles and laughter; neither of us expected to see each other, as we never even discussed Italy before! We also met his adorable travel companion, Flavia.

This evening we tried doing a Fire Show, we even gathered a crowd, but it wasn’t worth it. Bubbles are definitely much more fun in Genoa, although maybe it gets better in summer.

After work we went out with Flavia and Mihai. We spent a lovely evening drinking beer and talking about our lives. They are such lovely and extraordinary people!

Leaning people in Pisa

On Monday we were already in Pisa. Neither of us has seen the tower yet, so we were really excited. Among all the typical stands with tourist crap, we met this guy on one of the hangers:

The tower is nice to look at and it’s unbelievably tilted to the side. We didn’t want to take photos like the entire world’s population, but we enjoyed taking photos of these people.

It was really awesome to be able to see things we only knew from books and movies. We got ourselves a leaning tower fridge magnet to remember this trip.

Seeing something that popular made us in need to call our families and inform them of our location. We just stopped in the middle of the commotion and talked to our grandparents, parents and aunts.

Wine in Montecarlo, barbecue in Lucca

After Pisa we drove to Montecarlo, because we were told that’s where are the best vineyards in the area. Surprisingly, we started our day… with wine tasting. We chose three good wines and olive oil to take with us; in a very good mood we spent some time in this beautiful place.

On our way to Lucca Niki called Laurence, a British guy living in Italy, whom we met in Bangkok last year. We knew he lives in the area and last time we didn’t manage to meet up with him. This time we had more luck – even though he had some friends visiting, we agreed on meeting after our bubble show in Lucca.

We got there quite early, parked our Wolfie and walked towards the city centre. On our way there Niki said: “Oh, look, this guy looks like Laurence! … Wait a second…” Yup, that was him! We ran into each other accidentally, on one of many ways to the city. We invited him and his friends to watch our bubble show and scheduled to meet later.

Bubbles were fun, not too many children and (at the beginning) very light wind, which gave us a chance to close some kids in big bubbles. The earnings were surprisingly good for Tuesday!

Laurence and his friends, Jane and Peter, invited us over for the evening barbecue. They left before our show was over, but then… we had another accidental meeting in a supermarket, right before going to see them. Coincidence? ;) I think we were just meant to spend this evening together!

We had a really good time and instead of hitting the road the same day, we spent a night in Wolfie in Laurence’s garden. That evening was a perfect chance to polish our English and savor the beautiful British accent. Laurence hospitality was truly touching, we are very glad to have met him.

One hell of a road to Montpellier

I think it goes without saying that we didn’t take highways on our way to France, as they are very expensive. We knew it would take us more to get there, but it was completely worth it! Crossing southern part of Alps (called Maritime Alps) was adventurous and required an intense focus. The views were truly spectacular!

One slope was full of sheep. A guy who was guarding the flock suddenly started running up the road and we could soon tell why – his cows got separated from the sheep and they started walking in front of passing cars. We gave poor guy a ride, as they ran away quite far.

When we finally left the Alps behind it was almost sunset. We spent the night by the beach, excited about visiting our friend Alessandro for the weekend. But it’s a story for another post. Ciao!