We were really excited about September. Not only it’s the month of Niki’s birthday, but also performing seems always more rewarding, more fun. We were also looking forward to two events we’ve been booked for. With all this in mind, Niki ended up being of poor health for 3 weeks altogether and the weather, as always, played a nasty trick on us. Say hi to September Blues!

Horseback Archery Competition

First of all, the temperature significantly dropped with the occurrence of September. What is more, right after Niki’s birthday (when she became an owner of a set of very challenging piece of literature created by Proust) her kidney decided to pass a stone. It lasted for a few days making her completely immobile and loopy from all the painkillers taken in the process of getting better. A week after that it was time for our first booked performance, so we drove to Poland. It took place at the Horseback Archery Competition in Sypniewo.

The show was good, audience fun and the wind was cold. Our music evolved around Celtic tunes this time and we had the chance to use sparkles!

Here was supposed to be a picture of our amazing Fire Show. Unfortunately, people don’t keep their promises so here’s a bonfire instead. O_O

Niki’s sister took part in the competition, so we stayed around this place for a couple of days.

In the end we watched a jigit performance, which was basically watching guys doing some dangerous stunts while horses were in full speed. No photos though, it was too cool not to watch.

Neustadt Art Festival

On our way back from Poland Niki got infected with a horrible virus by a passenger we had who did not cover her mouth while coughing. Some people have no consideration for others… Oh well. We were grounded for two weeks, Niki had a really nasty infection. It got so intense that she insisted on visit the doctor’s office and I must say, this doesn’t happen too often. Before that, though, we tried home remedies – herbal tea, inhalation, bed rest and watching films. ;) Unfortunately, nothing helped.

We decided to visit Dresden even though Niki felt ill, as we promised our friend, Georg, to perform at the Neustadt Art Festival. It’s a wonderful initiative – it tries to gather all artists from in and out of Dresden and encourages them to perform on various stages spread across the Neustadt district. Georg was in charge to organise Saturday.

Miss Fortune definitely favours all fire artists the same – from all Festival days Saturday is the only one when it was… raining for the entire afternoon. People didn’t come and everyone was a bit under the weather. Niki felt too bad to perform, but Nick decided to perform a short set with his poi to entertain the miserable crowd that gathered for a concert that took place before us. Thank gods – if Niki made a show she would definitely end up with pneumonia or something.

Big Adventure delay

The next day we left to our place to heal Niki and prepare for our Big Adventure. It was not until the next week we could actually leave as her health was still in not so good condition. We went to see a doctor instead. The lady at the reception desk was really nice and, surprisingly, spoke English. We both were too tired to try our German skills. After short conversation she told us to wait. We were prepared for that, there were quite a lot of people. After a short while we were called out from a different office. With hesitation we walked through and ended up… in a paediatrician’s office! More, nobody noticed the mistake until the doctor started writing prescription and had to write Niki’s date of birth… She glanced at us and asked how old was she. Well, I must say, everybody was startled but then we all had a good laugh.

This post didn’t include many photos, as there was whether no time, no photographer or people who were supposed to send us something but didn’t. The good news is that September gave Nick a chance to improve our bubbling gear. So to end it in a more optimistic way, here’s what we can offer now!


So, we left Germany and we’re on our way to Portugal. But this is a story for another post. Enough said, we spent one week in Italy and we already had more adventures than we could expect. Oh well, Gadabouts’ life. See you! :)