We adapted in good old Portugal pretty fast, starting from having our favourite laundry place, having regular trips to a local swimming pool and ending on knowing of a cafe with the best pastel de nata. But the most wonderful things about these days were making new friends and waking to the sounds of ocean. Precisely in that order. Saying goodbye was hard, but we wanted to see more of Portugal, as well as Spain. That’s how we made it to Sevilla, and then… Well, see for yourself. :)

Everyday chores

When we decide to stay somewhere for more than a couple of days, it’s important to know locations of a laundry room, a swimming pool (showers!), places with good coffee and, of course, places to spend an undisturbed night. We found this really adorable laundry place, quite expensive, but using ecologically friendly stuff. Score!

Since we didn’t want to pay for a dryer, Wolfie came in handy again. It took half an hour to dry everything.

We found a pretty spectacular place to sleep. At night we could see Porto from there.

In the morning the Sun and the Ocean introduced us to a new day.

Lelo Library

This time, as we were quite good financially, we could visit one of the most beautiful libraries in Europe.

But even though the architecture was very pleasing to the eye, the content – not so much. It wasn’t organized at all, you had books with different languages scattered around the place, instead of having separate sections for those.

Prices were very steep, but it was to be expected. After all, it’s a tourist destination.

In the end, we still preffer to get books from old book stores.

Portuguese street art

On the streets of Porto we met a guy from last year, one of the best statues we have ever seen. His wife always helps him out with make-up and she lights up the candle in his lantern when it gets dark.

One evening we spotted this couple doing acroyoga in front of one restaurant. At first we weren’t really interested, but since we had some time to spare we stayed and watched. It got really interesting as it turned more to acrobatics in the end and they even did our dreamed hand-to-hand figure. We started talking to them and discovered that they learn it all by themselves (with occasional help of workshops), just like we do. It was great to see how amazing these two – Ines and Louis – are and that it’s all possible without a professional trainer!

We spent the evening showing each other different figure compilations and being spotters. Maybe one day we will perform together?


From word to word, Ines and Louis invited us to an acroyoga jam. We were very excited to learn something new and it seems like this is the thing we’re gonna be doing.

Even Nick had a chance to fly this time!

And even try a bit what it is like to stand on someone’s shoulders.

We also made friends with Lidia, a nice girl with a gymnastic background. She showed us videos that will help us practice at home. She also had the most awesome clubs to juggle with!

Saying goodbye

Our last evening in Porto was perfect. We went out with Ines and Louis to our favourite restaurant – Taberninha do Manel. We always go there to change coins and to experience true skills of a kitchen crew. Food there is pure heaven! Not to mention waiters; we made friends with one of them, Filippe.

After a great evening with great food and even better company, we had to take a picture together, with our stomachs full and spirits (and legs) high!

Ines and Louis are two beautiful souls who introduced us to new things and shared with us their passion, giving as a solid kick of motivation. We hope to cherish our friendship for years to come! <3

From Porto to Sevilla

With weather changing, we decided to go more to the South and explore some more of a Portuguese land. However, after stopping in Coimbra it was clear that it’s not the season for it, so we slept in a village somewhere, listening to kids “trick or treating” around us. In the morning Niki woke up to a weird purring sound and a smell of tangerines; Nick, charming as he is, asked a woman if he can have some from her garden tree (they were everywhere!). The cat was just visiting.

Sevilla disappointed us a bit. We didn’t picture it as a place in the middle of a desert and with no camping places. Swimming pools were too expensive, so we had to take a cold shower in a camper park. It was not worth the money we spent on it.

Working in Sevilla was pretty decent. We were there only for three days; Niki stayed mostly in the car, as she didn’t feel to well. Turns out it was actually quite lucky, as someone tried to break in while she was there. Nothing more than a huge scare happened, but we didn’t leave the car at this parking anymore.

The city centre was pleasant, however the fact that staying in the area appeared to be too expensive and conditions of staying in the car not too inviting, it was time to go home. To the cold. Yup. Winter and stuff.

We ended this day listening to the guy singing Spanish hits on the street. His voice was awesome.


2000km in 2 days

There was nothing left but to make a huge jump home. It was already too cold to perform anywhere and it was the middle of a week. We scheduled Blablacar from Sevilla to Barcelona, then after a noisy night (finding a place to park was a nightmare!) from Barcelona to Zurich. We weren’t even prepared for the cold, all we had was summer clothes. Oh well… One day later we were already home, resting before a busy December, getting used to this grey sky. But one day, oh yes, you’ll see, one day we will live in Portugal! At least for a year! :D