Yeah, yeah, I know. The title is so cliche it hurts. But you can’t shake this tune out of your head, especially that… Well. We got married. And not only! Things happened past these few months and we will try to update the blog on the go. Not easy. Not easy at all… But today’s post will be simply about creating a new family. As easy as that. 

Get married, they said…

We decided that for the sake of ease and comfort it would be good to get an official paper stating we are pronounced Husband and Wife. Easier said than done, as the ceremony was one thing and the party was the other. And I must tell you, everyone had a different opinion about how it should look like. One suggested a wedding in a yacht club. Other a conventional Polish style party. In the end, we got so confused that we ended up with the idea of spending more than a few thousand Euros. Expectations, that’s what made our heads spin.

However, at some point we realised that this day was for us and for us only. We didn’t have to have a huge party. We were not obliged to have meat at the reception (and someone even suggested that not serving meat at the party was disrespectful to the guests…). We had no pledge to make everyone around us drunk. No. It was our party, our happiest day in our lives so we wanted to live through it on our terms.

And so we put our foot down. We decided that we will make a small dinner for the family right after the ceremony and a little bigger barbecue party in the evening for our close friends and younger family members. And if someone didn’t like it, well, shame.

The preparations were a nightmare. I mean, we came back a week before a wedding and we were busy every single day from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. We didn’t sleep well, we didn’t eat properly and it was more stressful than anything we had ever done.

Fortunately, our best friends were there to help us. We can’t thank enough Grzesiek and Alessandro, two big softies with hearts so big that it’s incomprehensible they fit in their bodies. Alessandro, even though he came to Poland from France as a guest, cleaned our house in Poland so it would be ready for all the guests who wanted to sleep in, took care of so many minor details we might have overlooked that it was simply amazing. Grzesiek, on the other hand, as a true best man, took care of all organization things such as wood for the barbecue and calming down the groom and the bride. Guys, you are the best. You have no idea, without you we wouldn’t make it. Really. Thank you.

Photo by Alessandro Bertin –

And so the day has come and it was almost perfect. Of course, there were some hiccups on the way but hey, who doesn’t encounter them? The bottom line is, we are married. Happily married, Husband and Wife, a Family. Wow.

And who said we can’t have some traditional values in our unconventional way of life? :)

Family by the book

Speaking of family, there is more. We not only got married.

About a week or two later, when we were in Basel, Switzerland, visiting our other friend Melchior, Niki annnounced The Big News. She got pregnant! Yay! We all got so overexcited, it was so magical. And unreal.

Imagine, one moment you’re playing Mario Kart with your friend, minding your own business and a few seconds later, BOOM! You’re a father. A ton of bricks won’t have such an impact, trust me.

There are several things nobody tells you about pregnancy, though. For example, that the first three months may be a nightmare. They may not, but in case of Niki… Well. Enough said, we had spent entire August, our busiest month, at home. Niki felt sick every single day. She still is nauseous now. She did puke every single morning. It was a living Hell both for me and her. We were miserable, unhappy and simply sad. But it got better. Slowly but steadily. And now, we are in Portugal, enjoying the sun. I must tell you, it’s not easy to travel now, but not impossible. This, however, is yet another story – traveling while pregnant and later – with a kid. I think our blog will change its shape a bit because, believe me or not, we will prove everyone it is possible to travel and maintain our lifestyle. We can do it. We will.

So… We are a family by the book – Mum, Dad, a kid and a dog. A Family. We’re happy.

Slowly it’s time to come back to Germany, though, our doctor would be very unhappy if we skipped our appointment. :) Ciao!