Düsseldorf is not a big city – it has around 588 thousand inhabitants. What makes it special are possibilities. I used to be amazed by Cologne, which is still an amazing place to work in, however problems with Ordnungsamt and huge competition make it quite demotivating. Here there is no such a problem! Worth noticing is that Old Town here is quite big so everyone will find a place to perform. Unfortunately due to unpredictable weather the places may change a lot so it is wise to experiment.

There is no problem with amplifiers and Fire performances. During our shows both Police and Ordnungsamt passed by without paying much attention.

Peoples’ generosity varies. It depends on place and the type of the audience – Düsseldorf can be a paradise for all kinds of performers as well as Hell. There are not too many terraces in the city to work in front of but people stop by quite often. However, Düsseldorf inhabitants have seen quite a lot so the performance has to be spectacular and if it is not they disappear faster than us when we notice the Police. :)

Competition can be seen and they are mostly musicians. Also, we befriended one Fire performer, Dominic, who also works there from time to time and, truth to be told, he’s quite good. Moreover, he rides a unicycle with a trolley. :) There are also a lot of statues and musicians but not too many performance artists like jugglers except already mentioned Dominic who also commutes from close-by Wuppertal.

The city has a lot of potential, especially that nearby Cologne is swarming with buskers, and is one of very few cities in Europe without public debt (or whatever it is called). It’s visible that Düsseldorf is rich and you can benefit from that greatly.[:]