I always wanted to share knowledge. Especially about street arts and travelling. We, Europeans at least, right now are the first generation ever that has ability to travel almost everywhere without borders. Acquiring visas outside Europe is reduced and easier. My parents, not more than 25 years ago when wanted to go to neighbouring country, Germany, needed tons of paperwork, relatives in the destination country and preferably invitation. Moreover, border controls were long, troublesome and you never were sure if you will ever make it to the next country. I’m pretty sure it was exciting, yet difficult and stressful. Nowadays, it is different. We can take a plane with just as much as our ID card to get to any member country of the European Union and many visas were either abolished or simplified substantially to make it easier for people to get to the new country.


Such situation creates opportunities for buskers and street artists. Here we are, suddenly staring at the huge cake which was given to us by civilisation. When one city, no, country happens to be a missed shot we can easily move to another location. If a new location sucks, well… so be it, we can go even further.

meI have been a Fire Show artist for more than ten years now. I have been a street artist, or a busker in other words, for at least eight years and it became my only income four years ago. I travelled through many cities and I always wanted the world and especially the other artists to know which places are propitious and worth staying in and which are a no-go. So here we are and that’s the list of places to perform. I will describe the cities and maybe the districts, but I will mostly refrain from describing exact pitches as some places are good for musicians and other are better for performance artists, etc. Therefore, I will focus more on the cities’ law regulations, average income and audiences’ reception.

Enjoy the read, the categories are according to country so far, should we leave Europe, I will list them according to continent. ;) And also I will put the photos soon. I hope. :)