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Boring. Booooooring. We came back to Poland for a few weeks to get bored. Really. Our season this year was crazy – thousands of kilometres, new motorcycle, friends, visiting Porto a couple of times, EURO 2016, Niki’s sister’s wedding and so much more. Honestly, if we had to sit on the motorcycle again to do more than 100 km I swear I would scream. But we have some final thoughts and adventures for this season.

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Like a boomerang or a yoyo…

Remember what I’ve said about seeing what Miss Fortune had for us? Well, apparently she didn’t want us to get bored. On one hand we had some unexpected adventures, on the other – we made new friends. We left back to Germany to continue earning money for our Big Dream. India. We really need to focus on that, especially that we drifted away a bit.

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[:en]Travelling with animals[:]

[:en]It is not a hard thing to have your pet with you all the time when you’re travelling if such life is for them a usual thing. A puppy, a kitten or any other kind of animal can adapt to always changing surroundings and continue their life like this. Of course, it is possible to start training your pet when they’re older, but mostly it brings a lot of stress for both sides.

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