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Bodensee and its charm in the summer

We left Poland on Thursday. We wanted to leave earlier, on Tuesday or Wednesday, but we’ve decided to wait until the weather clears out. Don’t get me wrong, we love rain, however being flushed by cold water while riding a motorcycle is not the nicest thing in the world. However, despite the-beginning-of-the-week sucky weather these days were finally very fruitful and altogether satisfying. We had lots of fun, even more chilling out in the sun and last, but not least, hard work.

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[:en]It’s raining… man! Not again![:]

[:en]Our pursuit of the Sun brought us to Cologne. What is more, we seemed to be the only visitors there. Düsseldorf was not inviting either and so we decided to move East earlier than initially planned. With a small hiccup in Dresden we arrived in Poland to run some errands that will bring us closer to India.

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[:en]Okay, okay. Time to write something here. I’ve noticed that the more you put it off, the more you will have to put in later so bah. Here goes.

Munich, eh? Was fun, we were hosted by Eric the Viking’s sister who is also a really cool person. She’s vegan but with realy good common sense. I mean, it was really nice to discuss with her and not being struck with blind conviction. She was argumentative but understanding. :) Anyway, we visited her in Munich in her nice, rustic house. It looked totally out of the picture. On both sides there were all those neat, sterile households and among them this one stood out. :) By the way, the next morning I was going to the bakery for rolls I encountered this:

I must say, before your morning coffee it was not surprising at all. At the first glance. But hey! It’s a Spiderbear! :)

After that we went to Dresden for one day and after that we visited Poland – we didn’t want to travel over a thousand kilometres in one shot so we divided the trip. Still, Poland was only for three days – it is cheaper to travel through half Europe and fix the car in Poland than anywhere else – German and Swiss mechanics are good but expensive, French and Spanish ones – quite the opposite. We fixed the car, paid some of our debts and whoooooosh! Back on the road!

Since we have to be in Berlin in few days we decided to stay in Dresden for a couple of days at our newly met friend’s place. Klemens is a cool guy with whom we spend some crazy time in Dresden.

The European heatwave also reached here so at first we did everything we could to cool ourselves down in the city.

It also is unfortunate that Dresden, such a cool city has no lakes in the vicinity. One day we decided to have a trip to find one and we ended up driving in circles among small ponds most of which were circled by a fence. Meh. But we ecountered a funny sign (for all those Polish readers).

All in all, despite this little fun accent, we came back really angry, tired and overheated. We gave up the search of the lake in Dresden and went the next day to Cospudener See, Leipzig instead. And it was a very good decision! And in the meantime we bought ourselves a hammock (actually on the way to Leipzig) which was even a better decision!

So, yeah, our time passed by in Dresden and we had a lot of fun. We worked with Fire in the city, we chilled by the lake and we had fun with Klemens. :)

Now we’re slowly packing and going to Erfurt to work there on Friday and tomorrow we drive to Berlin to spend a whole week there but this is a different story for later…

To close the post – here’s the coolest job offer we have spotted in our favourite food joint in Dresden – Kochbox (knowledge of German or Google translate required :P ):

So. Bis bald!


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