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Boring. Booooooring. We came back to Poland for a few weeks to get bored. Really. Our season this year was crazy – thousands of kilometres, new motorcycle, friends, visiting Porto a couple of times, EURO 2016, Niki’s sister’s wedding and so much more. Honestly, if we had to sit on the motorcycle again to do more than 100 km I swear I would scream. But we have some final thoughts and adventures for this season.

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What I learned from life is to never expect anything for free. What counts is hard work and hard work only. When you live by this rule surprises are really surprising. This week the unexpected came true and you will meet our new travel companion. But first things first.

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[:en]Chasing the Sun[:]

[:en]As the weather played a nasty joke on us, we’ve decided to move further to the South. On Friday we arrived in Zurich, lured by the beautiful and warm weather forecast, welcomed by rain and our good old friend Rene. We hoped to have at least 3 or 4 days of sun before hitting the road further. We ended up in Konstanz sooner than we thought though! ;)

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