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Bangkok again and proper holidays

We travelled intensely. It was amazing to experience Asia but we realised we suck at conventional holidays. Drinks with umbrellas, beaches and sun are definitely not for us. However, we managed to have proper vacations anyways, thanks to Lena, our Couchsurfing host. Also, despite stopping for a few days, we managed to have some interesting adventures!

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Dogs, Eiffel Tower and a steam-punk elephant!

We’re sick of Middle European summer – rainy, cold and stormy it turned out to be one of the worst working months for years. We decided to travel in the direction of Portugal to enjoy proper sunshine and, as usual, we do it in chunks. This week we were in Cologne, Paris and tomorrow we leave Nantes. 

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Bodensee and its charm in the summer

We left Poland on Thursday. We wanted to leave earlier, on Tuesday or Wednesday, but we’ve decided to wait until the weather clears out. Don’t get me wrong, we love rain, however being flushed by cold water while riding a motorcycle is not the nicest thing in the world. However, despite the-beginning-of-the-week sucky weather these days were finally very fruitful and altogether satisfying. We had lots of fun, even more chilling out in the sun and last, but not least, hard work.

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