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Bad Italian Dream

Our last two weeks were divided into two episodes; the first one is a bitter-sweet story about how we got our asses kicked by Miss Fortune in Milan and the second one calmly revolves around our reconvalescence.  Will we try Italy again? Sure thing, we’ve gained some experience and next time we’ll be ready. Enjoy learning from our mistakes!

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Bangkok again and proper holidays

We travelled intensely. It was amazing to experience Asia but we realised we suck at conventional holidays. Drinks with umbrellas, beaches and sun are definitely not for us. However, we managed to have proper vacations anyways, thanks to Lena, our Couchsurfing host. Also, despite stopping for a few days, we managed to have some interesting adventures!

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Koh Phayam – Lazy holidays? Never again!

We were exploring Bangkok slowly, taking our time. After the Indian craziness we couldn’t just start resting, we needed to unwind carefully and it turned out not to be so easy. The island Koh Phayam that we’ve chosen for our dream holiday wasn’t what we expected or needed, so we cut it short. It turned out to be a good move as we only stayed in a hostel for one night and we made new friends. How? Read and find out! :)

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