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[:en]When Mamma comes to visit[:]

[:en]It was a very intense and adventurous week. I have to say that I’m lucky to have Mum who mostly accepts my decisions and life choices. Even though sometimes she voices her concerns loud and clear, in overall summary she is fine with what I do. And I get it – being a mum involves worrying from time to time. We didn’t do everything we planned for this week, because Teide decided to get icy, snowy and unreachable, but we still managed to have a lot of fun!

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[:en]Trainings and farewells[:]

[:en]Training, blenders, bridge and motorcycles. This is what the whole last week was all about. New figures absorbed us completely, regaining strength was our top priority, we got a nice surprise gift, Couch Surfing guests from Russia played bridge with us excessively and we focused really a lot on selling our beloved Eeve. Continue reading

[:en]Wanna be healthy? Not on Tenerife![:]

[:en]They say European Union is this and that, unification of currency, political safety, blah blah. Unfortunately, it turns out that despite being an EU citizen you still can undergo a medieval health treatment WITHIN European Union itself.

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