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Making lemonade in Portugal

We left Nantes ready for new adventures on our way to Portugal. But we didn’t expect our beloved motorcycle to fail us like this; not only we had to change the bearing that broke on Saturday in the afternoon, but also because of that we were stuck in Porto, waiting for Monday and for Gaia to get fixed. Well, you know what they say: if life gives you lemons… Was it a good or a bad thing? Just read and see for yourself!

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Bodensee and its charm in the summer

We left Poland on Thursday. We wanted to leave earlier, on Tuesday or Wednesday, but we’ve decided to wait until the weather clears out. Don’t get me wrong, we love rain, however being flushed by cold water while riding a motorcycle is not the nicest thing in the world. However, despite the-beginning-of-the-week sucky weather these days were finally very fruitful and altogether satisfying. We had lots of fun, even more chilling out in the sun and last, but not least, hard work.

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Why we hate EURO Football Championship, TV and colour green

Today’s post will be divided into two parts – our travel story as usual and thoughts about so popular subject in last weeks – soccer. Unfortunately, we cannot stay oblivious to the international European craze that consumes minds of almost all people. It affects us more than we would want. If you want to read just the ranting, go to the bottom of the page. Before, first things first – let’s ride!

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